Wuhan Flu Apocalypse Day 8

I’m still working my way through this one: Aaron Ginn.

Lots of confirmation bias for me. For those of you who don’t believe or think the way I do there is a lot of interesting and challenging information for you to read and absorb. Get back to me with your complaints.

As I understand things we are going through this quarantine mess so the healthcare system, the hospitals, are not overwhelmed. But this shit has already caused the problem we were told it all was required to avoid. My neighbor needs surgery. He can’t get it done because the local hospitals have shifted doctors to Wuhan Flu. They have stopped doing normal work. So… we are already facing the problem all this quarantine shit was supposed to avoid. If my neighbor dies while awaiting surgery, it won’t be counted as a Kung Flu death.

Again… these are the same fucking people that have been wrong about everything for thirty of forty years.

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