Day 12 of the Wuhan Flu Apocalypse

The news this morning is that a $2 trillion aid package for the economy (no links, you don’t learn anything past the headlines) has passed through the Senate. I’m sure it will rapidly move through the house and Trump will quickly sign it into law.

I can’t wait to learn about all the stupid pork in the bill. This will no doubt be another anchor on the financial well being of my children.

The motherfuckers. We have the worst political class.

These rants go back years.

I just checked, I’m coming up on the 10th anniversary of the first post on this blog. Kind of funny. I’ve built an audience of just me over that time. I need to remember my prowess at building an audience on the internet when I start my podcast.

If I have time, I’ll dig around in my history about cronyism. There is a tag for it.

We all woke up healthy in Cellblock H.

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