Day 18 of the Wuhan Bat Soup Flu Lockdown

Today marks the end of my employment with the German cabinet company. They have taken the opportunity presented by this mess to tell me they have eliminated my position. I find it an odd choice to let me go. I do understand the economics and don’t really hold a grudge, but is strange. There were two of us in the showroom. Me and my associate who was outside sales and marketing. He’s good at that. Very good. But he doesn’t know a drawer from a door. He can’t draw a kitchen. He can’t order a kitchen. He can’t supervise the installation of a kitchen.

In short, if you were to pick one of us to remain on staff, I think most people would pick me.

I also had five years of seniority on him. But seniority seems to be more of a handicap these days than an asset.

So… the geniuses that run my little outfit are going to staff a brand new showroom with some guy that doesn’t know anything about the company, the product, or the technical aspects of the work.

Good luck!

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