Day 20 of the Bat Flu Soup Pandemic Lock Down

It is SWMBO’s birthday. She’s getting some tenderloin and home made bread. (I do have some yeast. Probably my best advance purchase! But I’ve had it for at least a year.)

Her present is spending the past 20 days with me. What could be better?

My current China Flu projections:

The next version of iOS/Android will have a pandemic tracking app built in. You won’t get to delete it either.

Cash will be done away with. It’s too dirty, will be the excuse. Allows for better tracking too.

We will only watch football on TV this fall. No one will be in the stadiums. At the moment I am worried about the entire 2020 Baseball season. I am very worried about the resumption of Basketball and Hockey. I’m not heavily invested in being a sportsball fan (I do love a good hockey game with my beer), but I do think we will not get back to life as normal until the arenas have 20,000 people in them again.


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