Easter Sunday, Day 30 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

I’m putting the post up a day late.

We violated our social distancing orders by having the Ace and her man thing over for dinner. They came early so we had a couple of drinks out by the pool too.

The menu was roast beast with veggies and potatoes. Turned out very good.

The dinner conversation was lively.

It was nice night.

From the web (via the great Craig Newmark), Bullshit Numbers:

The death rates are bullshit. In a given country, there is considerable subjectivity regarding how deaths are qualified. The Great Scarfini* (Dr. Deborah Birx) pretty much let that cat out of the bag when she acknowledged that not only are the decedents who test positive (regardless of other co-morbidities) declared as covid-19 deaths, but those who have some colorable connection to covid-19 (clinical presentation, exposure to someone who tested positive) are declared to be covid-19 deaths.

It goes on from there and is a very good, much better than I could ever do, explanation of what I’ve been thinking. We are ruining my son’s life in order that I don’t inherit my parents estate until a few months later than otherwise might have happened. That is a very cruel and crude way to put things. But it is the truth of the situation we find ourselves in today.

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