Day 31 of the Wu Flu Apocalypse Lockdown

I went searching… Every time I try to learn something about the Bat Soup Flu it is impossible. I feel as though information is being hidden from me.

I would like to know more about COVID-19 deaths and how they are counted. I would like to know if hospitals make more money with a COVID-19 death versus just a “normal” death. You can try any search term you might like and it is hard to find anything relevant to this question. It is as though there is some sort of algorithm in place that keeps that info from me. I think there will be hell to pay if it is the case that hospitals get more money for deaths coded COVID-19.

Also… The Texas Workforce Commission is messed up. I don’t think they have the capacity to give out the TrumpBuck$. I lost my job and am eligible for some of that coin. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the state to be able to manage the new programs.

I lost my job because my company decided to “reorganize” and eliminated my position. They through me into the abyss of this economic catastrophe. They suck. And… They are Chinese owned. So, it may be a good thing for me to be out of there. If I end up working for the competition, I’ll be sure to tell all of my potential clients that piece of information.

Some things that caught my eye as they went by…

You’ll soon have to show the authorities your papers.

The experts that have fucked up everything in the last 30 years want you to believe them now.

The modeler predicting doom predicted that same for Mad Cow disease and SARS.

Why anybody believes any of the experts is something I don’t understand.

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