Day 54 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

I went to Home Depot this morning. More and more people are not wearing masks. I may join them on my next trip. I will have my buff around my neck per usual, but will not pull it up over my mouth and nose unless someone makes a stink.

The lady in front of me in the line to check out at HD had her own sanitizing wipes in her purse. She wiped down the checkout station before using it. She wiped down her CC before putting it back in her purse. She then wiped down the checkout stand before leaving. We are going to have problems as the range of concern goes from that lady to me. Lots of room for disagreement on what should be done.

From my reading today:

Arnold Kling. Check out all of the links. The twitter thread by Muge Cevik is interesting. Arnold is a very smart and thoughtful person.

Hugh Hewitt. I don’t read Hugh very often, but the Instapundit linked to this one and I liked it. I probably don’t need to link to anything Insty links to as my 1 1/2 readers probably read Instapundit too.

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