Mass Hysteria, Day 75 of the Wu Flu House Arrest

This just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

I don’t think I’m particularly smart but come on… basic high school biology would tell you that cloth masks are worse than not wearing a mask. Anybody that reads this blog, admittedly a very small number of people, is probably above average in all measurements when compared to the larger society. There are people that are below average in personal hygiene. Half of the people to be exact. The half that are below average are the ones that can’t wear a mask properly. They are the ones that throw the mask in the passenger seat on the way home from work and then put it on tomorrow when the next shift begins. They are wearing these germ ridden masks for days on end.

Masks are nothing more than virtue signalling at this point.

Another thing that has irritated me during this whole mess is how people I used to think of as smart have shown themselves to be complete statists and twitterverse status whores. I’m looking at Marginal Revolution in particular. I also think Steve Sailer went off the rails, but he’s coming back around to a reasonable position. The alt right favorite Greg Cochran was completely off base.

I will remind you that I expressed my reservations about this whole mess on March 15th.


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