I’ll really start back up this time

When I dropped off of blogging last summer, it was because of self censorship. I was interviewing to be the CEO of the US operations of a German company that has Chinese ownership.

I wanted the job. It would nice to be working again and have a salary and benefits. But I’ll also admit that I feel somewhat like a coward because I didn’t just keep on blogging. I went so far as to password protect the blog. I was afraid I wouldn’t get the job because my writing my be considered anti-China. If my writing is anything it might be anti-CCP, but not the Chinese people.

I’ve had to fix the blog. Some of the formatting was lost. Pictures were laying on their side. Some of the menus and plugins were failing. The whole thing was a mess. I’m running a really simple theme. Someday I’ll make it look prettier again. But really the whole purpose of this is to write. And write some more.

Now I’ll be running the risk of being found out over my Covid skepticism, my belief that the election of 2020 was a complete scam, and that I don’t sufficiently hate Putin.

On that last point it is my belief that much of the blame for the mess in the Ukraine falls at the feet of the US Goverment.

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