We get customers

First in an occassional series.  Well maybe the third or fourth if you count my first effort at starting a blog; which I managed to blow up.

This post is inspired by a comment I left at Bob Borson’s blog.

A while back, in another kitchen universe, I had a couple come in my showroom.  Her parents were junk dealers when she was young.  She said she wanted a new kitchen that reminded her of the home of her youth.  We produced a layout that was very common/mundane.  It fit perfectly with the home.  But where we met her stated design goal was to use two cabinet brands with three different door styles and finishes.  We used two different countertop materials.  Finally, the hardware was different on all of the cabinets, none of it matched.

Has to be one of the ugliest kitchens any one has paid money for.  You won’t see it in my portfolio.

In case you were wondering, since I’m still writing for and to myself at this point in the life of my blog, I have high confidence my customer will never see this post.

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