Kitchen Design Service

I will design your kitchen, whether new or remodel, for a very reasonable fee.

If you are interested, please e-mail me:

I will, through an exchange of e-mails, learn about what you want your new kitchen to look like, how you want it to function and also what you are willing to spend on materials and labor.  I will assist you with appliance selection.  I will help you construct a reasonable budget for your project.  My design will include a detailed materials list for the cabinet installation.  My design will also include estimates of other costs such as; plumbing, electrical, labor, flooring, etc.

My design bias is this: I will try to get you to put less in the room than others may.  I believe that a good design is one that makes the people in the room more comfortable.  In the kitchen this translates into a well laid out high function environment that makes it easy to prepare food, entertain, and do other tasks that the kitchen has become central to such as homework.

Again, please shoot me an e-mail and we will begin our discussions.