I am currently the dean of a business school located in (on?) an island nation in the Indian Ocean.  We are building a school with a singular purpose: to provide quality business education at a reasonable price.  It is quite amazing what can be done for students when the focus is solely on instruction.  We have none of the accoutrements associated with the typical American college or university.  We certainly don’t have a division one athletic department that loses money.

I am constantly thinking about how to provide a widely recognized credential, a proper signal and worthwhile skills to my students at lower cost and higher quality.  I am constantly searching for new technologies that will allow my school to leverage its current capabilities in a fashion that will allow for more students being taught from the same (plus the new technology) resource base.

Previously I was a recruiter of new students for an MBA program in the Southwest.  In this capacity, in addition to recruiting, I also spent time advising students as they progressed through the institution.

I have been working in higher education (tertiary education here on the island) since July of 2010, so this is a relatively new industry for me.  Previous to higher education, I have worked in kitchen design and remodeling.  I did this work for over nine years.  Prior to my work in kitchen design, I was in business development for various financial concerns.

I will occasionally go into details on how to remodel your kitchen and get the best value available for your money.  While I will often show things I find interesting, my efforts will be about assisting the hard core do it yourselfer gain the expertise needed to create a fine kitchen on their own.  It is not intended to be about pretty pictures and clever ideas.

I do intend to someday turn this blog into a business, but for the time being I will occasionally help homeowners make a more informed decision.  If  readers were to ask me questions via e-mail, I would be glad to offer my advice and opinion.  I will also be grateful for blogging ideas.

But, since things don’t change very quickly in the kitchen business, there will be mostly posts on topics that probably only interest me.  Since I started this blog in April of 2010, there have really been very few posts about kitchens.  Most the posts have been on economic topics and higher education.  I also occasionally make fun of my wife’s and my families.

You’ll notice I don’t mention the island nation by name.  I’m not trying to keep a secret, I’m just tying to make it a little difficult for the googlers to link this blog with my professional capacity.  There are only so many islands in the Indian Ocean with the infrastructure to support a business school.

Contact: info@whiterockkitchens.com