Every Time I Get Down About All the Work…

To be done around the White Rock household, I can just look here to remind myself that I’ve actually got it pretty good.

30 Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

Do go look. It is a wonderful photo essay.

Now that you point it out… I’m not at all surprised.

I am speechless

What are these women thinking? I, of course, am assuming that they currently identify as women. The defeat in the left is strong.


I’ve been sucked into the YouTube world. Mostly because I want to learn about specific things. YouTubers are wonderful at sharing their knowledge.

But I have a question.

Do any of the content providers realize that I can “pause”, “play back”, and, “repeat”?

Most YouTube content providers seem to think their audience is stupid. They talk too long. Most provide 2:00 minutes of information in about 15:00 minutes of video.

It is aggravating as all hell.

Black History Month

Another year goes by and there is no entry on this blog for Black History Month.

Age of Consent

Just ’cause the article on Woody Allen’s real life Mariel Hemingway: Woody Allen’s Real Life Mariel Hemingway

Danish doctor warns: Vegan food may lead to mental retardation

The article.

The picture accompanying the article:

Pete Shelley, RIP

From back in the day. KROQ… Rock of the 80’s

Frankly, a more meaningful loss to me than 41.

Merry Christmas

Found another version. Probably better:


Wait for it…