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Rod and Rifles.

A sample:

Bikini and Rod

Some First Class Noticing From Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer tells a great story and provides links to a month’s worth of reading material on Armand Hammer:

The Bolshevik Billionaire Works of art looted by the Nazis remain a subject of much fascination in the 21st century. This year’s movie Woman in Gold with Helen Mirren as a Los Angeles woman battling in court to get back her aunt’s Gustav Klimt painting did well at […]

Here is the link to Sailer’s column in Taki’s Mag. Taki’s is another one of those sites that if your friends knew about it, might get you knocked off the dinner party invitation list.

I’ve known this to be true for a long time…

Boobage Pressure

Like A Rolling Stone

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Like A Rolling Stone

From Gerard and his Boomer Anthem Series: Like A Rolling Stone.

I can’t believe I didn’t have this on my own calendar. It really is one of the best pop tunes ever recorded. It still sounds wonderful today.

I would give you the last week of my life if you allowed me to listen to this song on the last day of my life.

Ticket listeners will know what that sentence above means.

Top 11 Benefits of the Star Tribune Buying the City Pages

The whole list is great. A sample:

10)  Can more fairly present both sides of controversial political issues in Minnesota, that of the Democrats and that of the communists

Via Nihilist In Golf Pants.

Reina del Cid

Good stuff. A great version of one of The Band’s tunes.

Anonymous Commenters at Reason in Trouble

Ken at Popehat.

This continuous drumbeat of obvious overreach by the government is depressing.

Hit and Run over at Reason is a great read. The commenters are among the most politically incorrect you will find. I think they’re, for the most part, hilarious.

Under Fire for Calling Him Bruce

The Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police are after some guy named Drake Bell.

It is obvious that those that disagree will have to be sent to a re-education camp. Dissent will not be allowed.

Always will be Bruce. Always will be a Man

I’m posting this because everybody else is, and well… it’s funny.

Man. Bruce


It is nonsense on stilts to think of this person as any other than the man known as Bruce Jenner.

For those of you that read Sailer, it really is funny that Bissinger is the journo on this article.