One Last One…

From Lake Street Dive. A cover of I Want You Back:

When I tell people that I consider this Michael Jackson’s best song, they often look at me like I’m some sort of short bus rider. But it is true, this is MJ’s best tune.

Another one from Lake Street Dive

That chick is pretty hot…

She’s a really good singer too…

I paid for this one…

The End of That

Plants and Animals is the band. The girls look real… By that I mean the type you might actually know. They don’t look that great in those dresses.

Caught this song as the titles rolled on the movie Drinking Buddies. Which, at least a month or two ago, was available for streaming on Netflix. Recommended by me. Well worth your time when you don’t have anything else going on.

Another one…


Back in the day… I am about the same age as these gals… I called them Ramabanana. Funny, huh?

Some stuff I’m currently listening to…

I’m not going to claim that it’s current or new. It’s just what I’m listening to.

Mark Knopfler, Privateering:

Very nice stuff.

Saw Knopfler in concert with Dylan last fall here in Dallas. I have to say Knopfler was way better live. At least that night.

Discrimination at Infosys? I’m shocked…

Via Instapundit: Woman sues over discrimination at Infosys.

My only doubt about the claims the article says the woman is making in her suit against Infosys is that she was hired in the first place. It must have been some sort of mistake on the part of that whole H-1B fraud.


Via hbd* chick:



‘The Hitch’- Christopher Hitchens documentary on Vimeo

I always found Hitchens interesting. I’ve not watched this yet. You know… Sunday morning, I need to peruse lots of stuff today… Can’t sit and watch 82 plus minutes of anything…

Just trying to spread the word.

Vimeo lets you download stuff…


Elvis is still cool

I wonder how he made this video:

I mean he’s dead and everything, right?

My New Favorite Band

Lake Street Dive:

I actually paid for their latest album: Bad Self Portraits.