Wu Flu Lockdown Day 67

While things are getting a little better here in Texas, I am very concerned about the politicians and their Test and Trace programs.

Check out this craziness: Drs. Fauci & Birx: Here’s A Way To Contain Covid-19 And Reopen The Economy In As Little As One Month.

That is insanity. I will not participate.

Day 66 of the Wuhan Flu Apocalypse House Arrest

Check this article out for a wonderful example of unintended consequences: Surrogate-Born Babies Wait In Ukraine Amid Coronavirus Travel Restrictions.

I also find it surprising that there is an industry for surrogate mothers in the Ukraine. Weird.

Another very reasonable guy with a minority opinion that was deleted from Youtube. What is up with that company? What is up with Google? Censorship of minority but still reasonable opinion is a very bad direction to head.

I am very afraid that Sports won’t start on time in the fall. It all sort of makes my heart race when I think about it. So much of the White Rock household is tied to entertainment that we will be screwed if sportsball isn’t allowed to resume.

Due Process

This is a really good 53 second clip from A Man for All Seasons.

It is a good synopsis of the left and Trump too.

The left is so focused on results that they don’t ever pay any attention to process. So (only going back so far)… Clinton does things that the left likes. These extralegal actions of Clinton are picked up by W. The left wails when W does the very things that Clinton did. Then Obama takes the Clinton and Bush extralegal moves and amps them on steroids. Now comes Trump… He’s only doing what his predecessors have done. Every one is rightly going nuts, but where were you 20-25 years ago?

Day 65 of the Wu Flu House Arrest

The Ace got engaged today.

So that is excitement plus!

We had family in for dinner. Went to Street’s Fine Chicken and picked up dinner to go for eight. It was really good and a good deal.

I’ve not paid much attention to the Wu Flu crap for today. I went to several Home Depots. The mask wearing is a weird thing. It is so obvious that cloth masks don’t help and likely make things worse. This pandemic crap has really revealed how little most people think for themselves.

It has all been a huge disappointment.

Ft. Morgan to Dauphin Island ferry

The Deuce and I took the ferry on the way home from the beach.

It was a good move. I’m not sure that it saved us any time, but it sure made the drive home more pleasant.

Here’s a pic from the water:

Day 64 Post on Day 65 of Wu Flu House Arrest

I made these yesterday on the 64th day of house arrest:

The fermentorium project proceeds. Even under the arduous conditions of house arrest.

I saw this comment from a post over at Sailer’s site:

An excerpt:

Owning a beachfront property next to a once-public beach is a crowning jewel of one’s career. It’s a place where I can go to be myself, and lord over the local beach community and my children who have to fly in on multi-hop, holiday flights on limited PTO.

The guy calls himself “Red Blooded American Boomer.” He is a very funny commenter.

Sailer seems to have found his grounding again.

It’s Sunday. I’ll put up today’s post later. By the time I got out of the shower the Bickersons were already here for dinner last night.


Another Post About the Wu Flu Pandemic Day 63

Check this out:

The sign reads “Reduce Risk Wash Your Hands Before Driving.”

There were several of these signs on I-10 and I-12 in Louisiana yesterday as me and the Deuce drove home from the beach. What utter nonsense!


I would like to see Baseball start up soon.

Test Post

Trying a post with no reference to current affairs in the post or the categories or the tags.

Wuhan Bat Soup Flu Chinese Coronavirus House Arrest, Day 62

I’ve not paid a great deal of attention to the whole Russia! Russia! Russia! thing as it was obviously crap from the very beginning. National Elections are run under the laws of the various states and are administered by the 3007 counties of the U.S. How any group of hackers could meddle in what is an effect 3007 elections is a ridiculous thing to consider.

So… reading about Sidney Powell’s work on behalf of General Flynn has been amazing.

Also, she takes it right to Obama.

I will admit to some partisanship, but what I really hate is the manner in which the members of Team Blue and Team Red act as though their team members don’t do the same crap as the people on the other team.

Also I did some work on the fermentorium.