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Amazon and UPS

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Also, in light of Doug’s comment linked to in the post below. What will Amazon’s robo delivery trucks do to the UPS driver? Are they going to be out jobs too?

I think if I were UPS, I would be very worried about the development of robo delivery trucks.

Worried, or be in on the development of robo delivery trucks.

Or, and I’m pretty confident predicting that this is what they’ll actually do, be at the forefront of the lobbying effort to keep driverless vehicles off the street.

This is not the post on retail that I promised

Monday, March 25th, 2013

A week or two ago in a comment at Rhymes with Cars and Girls I said I would write a post on the sorry state of Retail. This is not that post.

David Henderson, over at Econlog, in a post of correspondence with a high school student on the economics of Walmart, got this comment from Doug:

Prediction: In 20 years when Wal-Mart has been reduced to a faded giant by e-commerce, the left will be viciously attacking Amazon.

They’ll assert that the low prices, wide selection and convenient delivery are paid for by the high cost of the job destruction caused by near total automation (by 2030 I expect that the warehouses and delivery trucks will be completely roboticized).

Liberals will be pining for the good ol’ days when corporate success was shared with the people through the creation of jobs in the community. They’ll lionize Sam Walton’s folksy nature and connection with the blue collar class. Bezos’ cold demeanor will villanized along with his evil job-destroying robots.

While I hope Doug is wrong on the business aspects of his prediction, I have no doubt that he’s correct on the political outcome of his prediction.

As I said in my note to Sonic…Mr. Charmer…Sonic Charmer…The Reach…er… Crimson’s post, I don’t understand the liberal hatred for Walmart. They employ more poor people per revenue dollar than, I daresay, anyone. I guess Dollar General will give them a run for the money in this metric, but who cares? They are doing good work for the rest of us. Can you imagine the day when Amazon puts all of these Walmart clerks out on the street? I don’t want to live in that country.

The liberal that prefers Costco to Walmart and Sam’s is paving the way for Bezo’s possible/planned decimation of the retail landscape.

The big cigars that own all the storefronts within a one hour radius of Amazon’s new daily delivery warehouse (meaning all of Dallas/Fort Worth) need to be paying attention. This low interest rate environment should be reflected in rents. I see very little evidence this has been happening. Every corner will be reduced to CVS and/or Walgreen’s, along with nail salons and donut shops that are nothing more than green card mills. There will be no real retail left.