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Geez… Can’t a guy just get a cheese burger?

Seconds later, reports confirmed Metzger had moved on from the burger menu and allowed his complete frustration to settle upon the restaurant’s exclusive selection of locally brewed craft beers.

The Onion, of course.

If this were real life Metzger’s name would be Jerry and he’d be complaining about the place not having Miller Lite.

These are the good old days…

At least when it comes to beer!

Take a look at this:



The chart is from Mark Perry.

I do love the beer choices available these days.

I’ve got relatives in Wisconsin

I’ve been to that big fish. Last summer in fact.

That was from one of Gerard’s web sites.

Best .gifs

Ever. My favorite of those shown:


Do go look at the rest over here: Beer Label GIFs Bring Iconic Brands To Life.


We drank a bunch of Leinenkugel’s in Hayward. Lot’s of it. The interesting thing is we can get their goofy flavored beer in Dallas. We don’t get the regular Leinies.

From the link below:

They’ve introduced seasonal flavors for some reason. But it’s best to stick to the original, which is a beer you drink on the shore of a lake.

A Continuous Lean on Leinies.

A Continuous Lean is a pretty cool web site.

A Question for Jerry

Want to take a trip to Milwaukee?

Check out this Bloody Mary:

This is what Awesome looks like.

For $9 you get the Bloody Mary with sausage, cheese, shrimp, asparagus, celery, onion, pickle, tomato, and CHEESE BURGER! With a snit (beer chaser). Amazing.

Sobelman’s Pub (Read about it here). And why do I have to go to a UK paper to get such good and useful news on the U.S.?

What Your Beer Says About Your Politics

What Your Beer Says About Your Politics.

Check out the chart:

I have no opinion on the validity of the data, but it does kinda conform to my prejudices.