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It’s Hard to do a Blog

When others do it so much better.

David Thompson Again

Go read Their Might Brains Will Save Us. A small, and to me, deliciously funny quote:

Fred McConnell, 27, is the sole male in a group of ten and tells us that, “After university I headed to Afghanistan to produce multimedia for a skateboard charity.” As one does.

The comment section of David’s blog is always good. There are some witty people that make regular appearances.

And as to Fred; why is there such a thing as a skateboard charity? There are a lot of things that are fishy about Fred and his story. The original article that David points to can be found here.

Friday Ephemera

Friday Ephemera. From David Thompson.

He’s over there in my linkroll.

Friday Ephemera

From David Thompson is particularly entertaining today. Check it out.