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I have seen my future…

Friday, January 16th, 2015

And I do not like what is coming.

I’m talking about medical care. It is going to really suck when I get to the age that I require more medical care.

I was driving the wife to various appointments this week. It was an awful experience. There is no medical care. There are only specialists performing procedures. There is no coordination between specialists (unless they think a malpractice suit is in their near future).

You will have to be your own general contractor when it comes to your healthcare.

Feeling a Little Under the Weather Today

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

I was still in bed when SWMBO left for work. When I got up later in the morning I called to tell her I had eaten some breakfast and that I was generally feeling better. I told her that I would stay home from work for the day as when I started moving around, I got muscle aches and could feel a fever building.

My experience with my body, which is long, tells me one day of rest is going to fix me up just fine.

Again, I told SWMBO that I was going to rest…

She then told me about LaQuiesha, who works in her office. Who I can’t remember that last time I saw. Apparently, LaQuiesha was complaining about similar symptoms and that it turned out to be the flu. SWMBO suggested, because I’m complaining of similar symptoms as LaQuiesha, who is a woman, who weighs more than I do, who probably smokes, who is (Dare I say? Does it matter?) of another ethnic group, that I go to the doctor to get some medicine. Because LaQuiesha…

I don’t get the connection.

Also, going to the doctor is not rest for me. Going to the doctor requires effort, patience and possession of faith in the priesthood. None of which I have when I’m not feeling well. I can, really easily, get in the car and go to the grocery store to get some chicken soup if I felt like it. I could be there and back in fifteen minutes, and I won’t have to wait for a damn thing.

Going to the doctor is not like going to the grocery store.

It should be.

It’s like doctors have convinced the government to erect a licensing scheme that restricts competition within the healthcare marketplace. I don’t really need to tell you that this restricted marketplace has higher prices and lower quality of service because of this licensing scheme, do I?

And, yes, I know the licensing scheme is only one small part of why our current healthcare system is the nightmare is it.

I’ve often said, when it comes to economic regulations, that the number one job of government is cartel enforcement.