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Pam Demic as the Day 80 of the Kung Flu House Arrest, Post B

Just because I can.

The White Rock Fermentorium

For the first 78 days of the Wu Flu House Arrest I worked on turning the garage into a fermentorium. I am very interested in traditional methods of food preservation.

Here is the finished work:

This is the brewing area. I intend to make beer, wine and possibly start to distill too.


One side of the space.


The other side of the space.


Some detail of the space.


Wuhan Apocalypse House Arrest Day 80

Starting on a deck in the back yard.

It will be long and narrow, really just to cover this disarray:

The framing will be trickier than it looks from the photo. I’ll post progress.

2nd Post of Day 79 of Kung Flu House Arrest

I’ve been saying this for weeks:

Neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered SARS–CoV-2 during coughs by infected patients.

From this study.

Wearing masks has sunken into virtue signalling territory. Not wearing a mask, to those that wear masks, marks you as a Covidiot and supporter of Orange Man.

Wu Flu Pandemic House Arrest Day 79


Wu Flu Pandemic… Day 78

Day 78… The start of the 12th week of this nonsense.

We are getting a little change of story given the rioting going on around the country. The rioters are the worst sort of people. They are white people destroying the neighborhoods of poor blacks. They should be shot on sight. In Minneapolis I bet many of them are antifa from outside the state

I don’t have much of an opinion on the George Floyd incident except that he did not deserve to die.



Day 77 of the Wu Flu House Arrest

Finished construction on the Fermentorium.

Got faster internet. Over 600mbps. The Deuce is thrilled with this for his gaming. SWMBO and I don’t really notice much difference.

I went to HS and college in Minneapolis. I’ve been watching the riots along Lake Street with some interest. I am really disappointed that the police have abandoned the scene. This is an example of anarcho-tyranny. None of the people involved in the protests will be arrested let alone face jail time. Yet… I’m supposed to sort my trash, separating out the recyclables.

What utter bullshit.

We have the worst political class. They are fundamentally unserious people.

Mass Hysteria, Day 75 of the Wu Flu House Arrest

This just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

I don’t think I’m particularly smart but come on… basic high school biology would tell you that cloth masks are worse than not wearing a mask. Anybody that reads this blog, admittedly a very small number of people, is probably above average in all measurements when compared to the larger society. There are people that are below average in personal hygiene. Half of the people to be exact. The half that are below average are the ones that can’t wear a mask properly. They are the ones that throw the mask in the passenger seat on the way home from work and then put it on tomorrow when the next shift begins. They are wearing these germ ridden masks for days on end.

Masks are nothing more than virtue signalling at this point.

Another thing that has irritated me during this whole mess is how people I used to think of as smart have shown themselves to be complete statists and twitterverse status whores. I’m looking at Marginal Revolution in particular. I also think Steve Sailer went off the rails, but he’s coming back around to a reasonable position. The alt right favorite Greg Cochran was completely off base.

I will remind you that I expressed my reservations about this whole mess on March 15th.


Wu Flu House Arrest Day 74

A couple of good posts from Philip Greenspun:

Judge Questions How Marijuana Shops Came to be Essential


Full range of Coronaplague Opinions

Memorial Day, Day 73 of House Arrest Due To The Wu Flu

I know I said I was going to start covering the opening up, and possibly change my attitude as we are in Phase II of reopening.

The bars are open!

But… It has been raining all day long, so it still feels like I’m under house arrest.

I should also go see how many Phases there are.