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GEE, MARCO: What’s in this Amnesty Bill for Us, the American People?

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

The Republicans are called the stupid party for good reason:

There’s not a single redeeming aspect of this bill for us. Not one. It won’t create jobs, it will destroy jobs. It won’t help address the deficit, it will explode the deficit. It won’t help national security, it will erode our security. It won’t reinforce the use of the English language and teach our history, tradition and values, it will instead encourage multiculturalism and Balkanization. It won’t drive down crime, it will encourage lawbreaking. It won’t reduce government dependency, it will accelerate that addiction.

via Doug Ross @ Journal: GEE, MARCO: What’s in this Amnesty Bill for Us, the American People?.

Mickey Kaus has it right

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Worst of all are distractions that weren’t around in 2007.  Probably through sheer bad luck, a series of dramatic scandals has captured the attention of both the press (which would ordinarily be celebrating the Gang of Eight’s epic achievement) and conservatives, who would ordinarily be kicking up a fuss. The distraction factor applies with special force to right-wing talk radio hosts, who instead of mobilizing opposition are pontificating in a daze of either overconfidence (i.e., ‘Democrats want this bill to fail’) or fatalism.You’d think Rush Limbaugh–a rare non-Fox conservative star, who understands what is at stake– might have a good deal of time to spend on the Gang of 8 bill the day before its first test vote in the Senate. You would be wrong. Rush talked mainly about the NSA.

via Wake Up! says Mickey.