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The New Hunger Games Movie Review by Steve Sailer

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

You can, if you are just a little bit interested, parse most of what Steve Sailer writes about in the last paragraph of his movie review at Taki’s Magazine:

Conversely, the movie’s portrayal of West Virginians is straight out of a Works Progress Administration writers’ project. The mountaineers are all hardworking coal miners. Nobody is on disability due to morbid obesity. The working class isn’t trapped in a web of invisible debt, they aren’t having their heavy industry jobs outsourced, nor are they having new populations insourced. In other words, there’s little to unsettle contemporary viewers in The Hunger Games.

Read the whole thing at Taki’s Magazine.

I find Sailer’s ideas very interesting. But then I’m an under employed 53 year old white male that lives dangerously close to a sea of Section 8 apartment complexes. I am the target demographic of his web site. He’s linked on the right.