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Chicken for Dinner

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

This is a very typical dinner around the White Rock Kitchen. Roast chicken. I can take, in this case, a 6lb whole chicken and have it on the table in less than an hour. Not bad when you consider that I walked through the door at about 6:30pm. We do tend to eat a little late in the evening at White Rock Kitchen, but we do eat together most nights. I like having dinner with the family.

Here’s the chicken at the start:

Here I’ve cut the backbone and the keel bone out of the bird:


Because I didn’t plan ahead, this will have a white trash aspect to it. I next rubbed the bird down with some olive oil and seasoned it with regular ol’ Lemon Pepper Seasoning. We have this in the large container you can get from Sam’s. Here’s the chicken ready for the oven:


Notice that I’ve cut the knuckles off the drumsticks and have also taken off the wing tips.

Don’t forget to slash the bird at the wing joint:


And between the leg and thigh:


I put this in a 400 degree oven.


You can see my cast iron skillet that I use to cook the bird. The cast iron was put into the oven empty and was preheated along with the oven.

You will have a hard time overcooking the bird. I sometimes use a temperature probe and cook the bird to 160 degrees internal temperature in the large part of the breast. Sometimes I just look at it. Sometimes I get involved in something else and it will come out of the oven kind of shriveled up. It has always tasted good. It has never turned out dry. With the skin and fat left on the bird, the meat will remain nice an moist.

Here it is straight from the oven:


It fell apart when I took it from the skillet to cool:


After resting for a few minutes, here it is cut up:


It was delicious.