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In an article about local breweries suing for the right to sell distribution rights…

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

We have this gem of a quote:

Assistant Attorney General Karen Watkins noted that “everything that these brewers are allowed to do is the result of having obtained a privilege from the state.” She said state law was previously silent on payments for distribution rights, meaning it wasn’t clear they were ever legal.

Look at that! She says we need to get permission from the state to do anything. She also implies a Napoleonic legal system. Ms. Watkins, that’s next door in Louisiana where there is a Napoleonic legal system. We don’t have that in Texas. Not yet, anyway…

Source: Beer battle foams over, as fight over distribution rights gets day in court

Enjoy the game…

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

I’m off to get a growler of Velvet Hammer on my way to the party.

Restaurants and their menus

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

I called Haystack Burgers and Barley. I wanted to know if they have a full bar. Yelp says they have a  full bar, but their menu doesn’t even mention the beer that their name implies. Since I am planning on meeting a friend for dinner that does not care for beer, I called to ask, “Do you have a full bar?”

The reply, “We have Maker’s Mark.”

So I guess the answer is no. I’m now going to have to go somewhere else where I know my friend can have a margarita. This is a shame as I read on the interwebz that Haystack serves Peticolas Velvet Hammer. That is a very fine beer. It’s 9% alcohol by volume, it tastes great too. It is appropriately named.