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End of the month thoughts

Sunday, January 31st, 2021

Time to write a blog post…

What can be written about the craziness of this month?

The capitol building invasion that is the greatest threat ever to our democracy was just a bunch of larpers. The reaction on the part of the Washington elite would be humorous if they hadn’t ignored the rest of the country during the Summer of St. Floyd. Nothing was done until their little domain was threatened. Then it was the WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO OUR DEMOCRACY!!!! IT IS AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT ON PAR WITH PEARL HARBOR!!!!

I don’t know where I first heard about the left being so into results that they don’t give a damn about process. But it is true and are seeing that it is true right now with the flurry of executive orders coming from Sleepy Joe. I wonder if he even knows what he’s signing?

This two week period between the conference championships and the super bowl has to be one of the more amusing time periods on the NFL calendar. The sports writers have nothing to do but make shit up. They’ll call it analysis and projection and prediction, but it really is just making shit up.

Still struggling with employment here. My advanced age is keeping me out of consideration for jobs. I’ve been looking into various ways to make more money. These include handyman work, growing mushrooms, kitchen design and installation, etc. I’m sure I can make occasional money in any of these endeavors, but to get a steady income will require quite a bit of effort with no certainty of payoff. I would really prefer a job with benefits. I’ll keep looking.

On job searching… There could not be worse software design that what the various HR softwares provide for employment application. There is nothing about any of these programs that say to a prospective employee, “Do you see how awesome our application process is? We strive to provide the same enjoyable to work with and supportive systems in every area of our enterprise.”

Working on closets here at the White Rock Estate.

I really have nothing more to add to the mass hysteria that is our national covid response. The whole thing is insane. Go read this post from an interview with Robin Hanson. This is the sort of thing that just gets me all worked up over the ‘rona:

Pandemic experts have had their standard story about what to do in a pandemic that goes back decades. And, you know, you can look on all their standard writings about, you know, what to do about travel bans or what to do about masks or what to do about quarantines and all those sorts of things. And they’ve had their standard story about what to do in a pandemic. And there was no particularly new information that showed up except as soon as we had a pandemic, all the experts, all the elites in the world suddenly decided, “That’s a subject to talk about.” The elites went wild talking to each other about pandemics and the elites decided that they did want masks and they did what quarantines and lockdowns, and they did want travel bans. And so, the elites declared that was the better thing. And they, the experts, caved immediately. As soon as the elites declared that that was better, the experts changed their mind about what the expert judgment was just like in 1984.

Shit like this is enough to drive a normal guy insane.

As I look around this blog I can see it is time once again to update things like categories and such.

I don’t think I’ll pick up on the daily entry for the pandemic again. It has gone on too far and almost every normal person is tired of it.