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In regard to her fainting spell today: Hillary should come to her senses Andropov the ticket.

That line was stolen, without any shame from the comments over at Sailer’s place.

Favre is in trouble.


I wonder is Favre will be fired by Wrangler?

He really should have clapped harder.

Some First Class Noticing From Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer tells a great story and provides links to a month’s worth of reading material on Armand Hammer:

The Bolshevik Billionaire Works of art looted by the Nazis remain a subject of much fascination in the 21st century. This year’s movie Woman in Gold with Helen Mirren as a Los Angeles woman battling in court to get back her aunt’s Gustav Klimt painting did well at […]

Here is the link to Sailer’s column in Taki’s Mag. Taki’s is another one of those sites that if your friends knew about it, might get you knocked off the dinner party invitation list.

Nature v Nurture

From the comments on this Sailer post.

Maguro says:

This nature-nurture stuff is all very simple. Homosexuality is 100% nature and everything else is 100% nurture. Just remember that and you’ll be good.

Laughed long and loud at that one.


From Steve Sailer:


Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, from Boratstan but Straight Outta Cambridge

The caption made me laugh. Well, I at least gave it the Instapundit “Heh.” The post and comments are worth your time.