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We were just talking about this at dinner…

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Heather Mac Donald in City Journal:

Well, you might ask any high school senior, steeped in his class’s SAT rankings, if it’s true that “people of color” are given “extra benefits” in college admissions. He will laugh at your naïveté. A 2004 study of three top-tier universities, published in Social Science Quarterly, found that blacks were favored over whites by a factor of 5.5 and that being black got students an extra 230 SAT points on a 1,600-point scale. Such massive preferences for URMs are found at every selective college and graduate school. Every student knows this, and yet diversity protocol requires pretending that preferences don’t exist.

The Ace and the Deuce were going over the college selections for the Deuce’s graduating classmates. “Is he a Mexican?”, came up more than once.