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51st day of the Chink Flu Lockdown

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Worked on the pool. Fixed a nice dinner for 8. (Yes we probably violated some Karen rule.)

A good day. Except for this stupid lockdown shit.

Quarantining healthy people should never be allowed.

Day 49 of the Chink Flu Lockdown

Friday, May 1st, 2020

Tried to partake of the eased restrictions here in Dallas. Bars are still closed. Good bars anyway. Restaurants could be at 25% capacity. It was a beautiful day. Anything worth going to had a line. I had a couple of beers with the BIL in his office.

Getting tired of this bullshit locking down of the healthy.

Wuhan China Virus Lockdown Day 47

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Just go google Dr. Erickson in Bakersfield. I did see parts of the video before it was taken down. It was reasonable, even if you don’t agree with the Dr.

The No Agenda Podcast has some audio clips from the video:

I know the good Dr. Erickson is talking his book, but there is nothing terribly controversial in those audio clips.

Why would youtube remove them? What is wrong with that company?

Wu Flu House Arrest Day 46

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

Every report that is on my side of things, meaning favoring opening up the economy, thinking that most of this is political, etc. recognizes that the virus is a real thing and people are getting sick and dying. They also contain some version of this:

Every death is a sadness, but this is not a demographic threat or a public health assault that justifies pushing up to 1 million people a day into unemployment and the loss of trillions of dollars of value on the stock exchanges. It has been a severe crisis, but most of its severity has been the consequence of the panic generated by the irresponsible media, who thought they might destroy the Trump presidency at last.

It does not need to be said. I know enough about Conrad Black to know he doesn’t take glee in people’s death or that he is indifferent to the grief of the family and friends of the deceased. No normal person would celebrate the death of anyone that died from Bat Soup Flu. No normal person would celebrate the death of anyone that died with the Kung Flu. It doesn’t need to be said.

I won’t be saying it going forward.


Day 45 of the CCP Flu Pandemic Lock Down

Monday, April 27th, 2020

I’m still skeptical. I don’t know who has the best information. I find people in the New York media to be completely without perspective.

We weren’t as bad yesterday as the peeps in this video:

Arnold Kling

In rough numbers (I pointed this out back on Day 8 of the Wu Flu Lockdown) 3 million people die every year in this country. Most of these deaths are old people. The 3 million includes all of the Chicago gun deaths, traffic fatalities and toddlers drowning in 5 gallon buckets too. But the deaths each year are mostly old people. So if this Bat Soup Flu is really bad, how many people will die this year? 3.5MM? 4MM? These additional deaths will be mostly old people. These additional deaths will be tragic for the individuals and families involved. I believe we would be pulling most of the increased number of deaths in 2020 from the next few years. We are wrecking the economy and piling debt on top of debt to keep alive old people for a few more years. I don’t believe my parents want to live locked in their home with the result being that their grandchildren’s economic future is destroyed.

It would have been nice to have a discussion about this before the lockdowns occurred. I would be nice to be treated as a citizen as opposed to being treated as a subject.

One bit of data I’ll be particularly interested in learning down the road: How long did the average ventilated recovered and discharged patient live after release? I’ll be very interested in the age breakdown of those people too. Because if we spend piles of money on 80+ year olds with Covid by ventilating them (high mortality rate to begin with) and they don’t do much besides return to their nursing homes for a few weeks, this will be really terrible.

Off to other things… Be back tomorrow.


Day 43 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

Sunday, April 26th, 2020

Missed yesterday. The day 44 post may be late too. We are going to have an impromptu tail gate party later today as it is The Great Texas Beer Run weekend.

Yesterday was the Deuce’s b’day. We have a nice dinner of bbq purchased from Ten Fifty BBQ. It was very nice.

The Ace and her man were over too. So we sorta violated the house arrest edict.

Day 39 of the Bat Soup Flu Apocalypse Lockdown

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

Got some work done on the fermentorium. It’s late and I’m tired. I’ll try to get something better up tomorrow.

Arnold Kling has been very good during the Wu Flu Lockdown.

Easter Sunday, Day 30 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

Monday, April 13th, 2020

I’m putting the post up a day late.

We violated our social distancing orders by having the Ace and her man thing over for dinner. They came early so we had a couple of drinks out by the pool too.

The menu was roast beast with veggies and potatoes. Turned out very good.

The dinner conversation was lively.

It was nice night.

From the web (via the great Craig Newmark), Bullshit Numbers:

The death rates are bullshit. In a given country, there is considerable subjectivity regarding how deaths are qualified. The Great Scarfini* (Dr. Deborah Birx) pretty much let that cat out of the bag when she acknowledged that not only are the decedents who test positive (regardless of other co-morbidities) declared as covid-19 deaths, but those who have some colorable connection to covid-19 (clinical presentation, exposure to someone who tested positive) are declared to be covid-19 deaths.

It goes on from there and is a very good, much better than I could ever do, explanation of what I’ve been thinking. We are ruining my son’s life in order that I don’t inherit my parents estate until a few months later than otherwise might have happened. That is a very cruel and crude way to put things. But it is the truth of the situation we find ourselves in today.

Day 29 of the Wu Flu Clampdown

Saturday, April 11th, 2020

So… again… made good progress on the fermentorium.

One of my nieces thinks June 1st is the day life returns to normal.

I have to see about how to start a betting pool for the opening day of Mitch’s.

And… I want to see when the Daily Double starts going out again.

We have a house reserved that looks out over Shelter Island for a week this summer. Right about when the yellowtail fishing should be good.

Day 28 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

Friday, April 10th, 2020

Four full weeks.

Unfucking believable that here in the U.S. this shit is going on.

I am working on the fermentorium. I am making slow but stead progress.

I am irritated that some people continue to enjoy this lockdown too much. They get their rocks off on controlling other people. They need to be put in their place.