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Year End

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Things are slow around the office. We opened a new showroom back at Labor Day weekend. Although I’ve been with this outfit for over 5 years. Opening this new showroom has almost been like starting a new business. We are building a pipeline of new construction that will be more than satisfactory, but it might be a year before we get a deposit on one of the jobs we’ve seen so far.

My associate has started an instagram account for the showroom. I find all of the hyperventilating about social media to be complete nonsense. Not one of my deals has come to me from social media. They have all come from personal contact. It takes time and is difficult to build the types of relationships that result in sales in the high end kitchen business. Instagram is to me nothing more than a vanity platform.

I would like it quite a bit if we could get a remodel to walk in here really soon. We could use a job that wants to get started now.