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From the comments…

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Of this Steve Sailer post on Libyans settling in Italy.

Somebody calling themselves Chicago:

That seems to be something that can be broadened to include the US whereby some groups that were caterpillars in their home country are expected to become butterflies in the US.

One of the many Anonymous:

The only densely populated country in North-Africa is Egypt and Egyptians are famously stationary.

Praise be to Allah.

The comment about Egyptians being stationary was up thread from this comment. I have no experience with Egypt. I do have one friend that told stories about her trip to Egypt that made it very clear to me that my daughter will never go there.

From Cail Corishev

It’s one thing to believe the lie that Americans just won’t pick vegetables in the hot sun. It’s a lot harder to believe that people who went to college and took on loans to get IT degrees just won’t do IT jobs in nice, air-conditioned offices.

I like that one. Especially in light of the Zuckerberg campaign for immigration.

From someone that claims to be a guy from Italy:

I have a theory that the big problem in the US is the first-past-the-post system, which restricts choices to just 2 parties which end up being identical. Now that is what makes it impossible for a fringe group to get heard. If the US had a more democratic electoral system, everybody – libertarians, secessionists, anti-immigration people – would be a meaningful force in Congress and the media would then be forced to take them seriously.

Hmm… He might be on to something. I don’t want to go off and endorse this idea just yet, I’m going to have to give this some more reading and thought.

From The Judean People’s Front:

The fall of Italy to multicultural barbarism entails not only the loss of a unique European culture, but the loss of a source of inspiration, solace, and renewal for the great minds of ALL European nations. Italy has animated the western spirit for centuries, and is the repository and source source of much of the west’s accumulated glory. It may sound cheesy, but in a sense Italy is the soul of the west. While I view 19th century German culture as perhaps the apogee of human development, there is something very,very special about Italy.

Sailer has a good group of readers and commentors. There are some that are idiots, but that happens everywhere.

What American preschools need: the blonde teaching the blonde

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Steve Sailer is a funny guy.

I first noticed how funny he was when The Crimson Reach started pointing out that Sailer cracked him up.

You really do need to click through and read the caption of the photo on that post. I could steal it myself, but this is a very good introduction to Sailer if you’ve not read him before.