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A machine to sort Skittles

The Art and Engineering of Brian Egenriether.

Go check it out.

Solve your first-world problem

I was amused.

HT: Craig Newmark

Teens without drivers licenses increasing

Steve Sailer: Teens without drivers licenses increasing.

There’s a very interesting graph on 16 year old kids with driver’s licenses at the post. Check it out.

I’ve told my son (16 in April) that he gets a ride exactly no where when he turns 16. I’m not chauffeuring his ass around town any longer than I have to.

Petraeus And The Infidelity Risk Curve

Petraeus And The Infidelity Risk Curve « Chateau Heartiste.

A good look at the pick up artist world. I giggled at the writing all the way through the post. I believe there to be multiple writers at the Chateau these days, all posting under the name Heartiste. This post seems likely to have been written by Roissy.

The graph at the post is great. The pictures, I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures, explain everything.