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Day 66 of the Wuhan Flu Apocalypse House Arrest

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Check this article out for a wonderful example of unintended consequences: Surrogate-Born Babies Wait In Ukraine Amid Coronavirus Travel Restrictions.

I also find it surprising that there is an industry for surrogate mothers in the Ukraine. Weird.

Another very reasonable guy with a minority opinion that was deleted from Youtube. What is up with that company? What is up with Google? Censorship of minority but still reasonable opinion is a very bad direction to head.

I am very afraid that Sports won’t start on time in the fall. It all sort of makes my heart race when I think about it. So much of the White Rock household is tied to entertainment that we will be screwed if sportsball isn’t allowed to resume.

Day 44 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

Sunday, April 26th, 2020

We cheated today.

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild had a promotion going this weekend:

We… Me, Mrs. White Rock Kitchens (SWMBO) and The Deuce went out to get some beer to go from Community Beer Co.  South West Imperial Lager (SWIL) is a very good and very strong beer.

Then we met some of his friends in a parking lot. It was a nice afternoon. After the impromptu tail gate we spent some time with a family of friends. It really was a good afternoon.

Dinner was great.

Day 20 of the Bat Flu Soup Pandemic Lock Down

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

It is SWMBO’s birthday. She’s getting some tenderloin and home made bread. (I do have some yeast. Probably my best advance purchase! But I’ve had it for at least a year.)

Her present is spending the past 20 days with me. What could be better?

My current China Flu projections:

The next version of iOS/Android will have a pandemic tracking app built in. You won’t get to delete it either.

Cash will be done away with. It’s too dirty, will be the excuse. Allows for better tracking too.

We will only watch football on TV this fall. No one will be in the stadiums. At the moment I am worried about the entire 2020 Baseball season. I am very worried about the resumption of Basketball and Hockey. I’m not heavily invested in being a sportsball fan (I do love a good hockey game with my beer), but I do think we will not get back to life as normal until the arenas have 20,000 people in them again.


My Friends have More Friends Than I Do

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

I’ve long thought this was the case. I usually strike it up to my morose nature. That and the fact that I’m kind of an asshole to people. But it turns out it’s not me, it’s scienece:

Researchers have since observed the so-called friendship paradox in a wide variety of situations. On Facebook, your friends will have more friends than you have. On Twitter, your followers will have more followers than you do. And in real life, your sexual partners will have had more partners than you’ve had. At least, on average.

I’ll have to talk to SWMBO about that last one. There is that “At least, on average.” out for her…

The article: How the Friendship Paradox Makes Your Friends Better Than You Are | MIT Technology Review.

Just listen! Don’t tell me how to fix it!

Friday, May 24th, 2013

I’ve had this discussion with SWMBO:

Now, granted there were times I was supposed to just listen, but when she has a nail in her head the problem is obvious.

HT: Gerard

More than half of Americans turn to retail therapy to lift their mood

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

From the article:

One out of five (nearly 19 percent) participants said to improve their mood after a bad day at work, followed by more than 14 percent who shop after bad news and more than 12 percent who do so after a fight with a significant other.

Hmm… 19+14+12=45. SWMBO goes out shoe shopping about every other weekend. The results hold in this household.

Update: Yes, that is from The Instapundit. But I don’t think SWMBO reads The Instapundit. She does stop by here occasionally.

The Things you Find on the Internet

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I was going through LinkedIn today, looking for potential people to add to my network. It’s something I’m doing to aid my job search. I found it interesting to know I’m a 2nd degree link to the owner of this company:


I’m certain SWMBO will find this entertaining too.

It’s a legitimate business, they do uniforms for waitresses that work in, uh…, provocative environments. You know, family restaurants. Yeah, that’s it.

Renaissance Architecture and Alleys of Florence

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Renaissance Architecture and Alleys of Florence – Maggie’s Farm. Please do go read the whole post, as it’s very informative. But I’ll give the punch line away:


I need to plan that trip to Italy soon.

Kissing balls add romance to holiday decor

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Kissing balls add romance to holiday decor.

That’s what I keep telling SWMBO. But she ain’t having any of it.