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The Wiretap and Eavesdropping Scandal

In this Steve Sailer post, commenter NOTA says:

At this point, there is no plausible way for either party to argue that they oppose this stuff. The democrats could pretend to oppose it before Obama got into office, but he owns these programs now. The republicans could have claimed to oppose it if not for their full-throated defense of every police state measure Bush did and most of the ones Obama has done, too. That means the political press, which is basically the PR wing of the two parties, have little incentive to push on this issue. Popular unhappiness with it will be marginalized in the prestige media, just like opposition to the Iraq war and the bank bailouts was. Expect to see a lot of sneering about the silly rednecks wearing tinfoil hats, America-hating peaceniks who don’t want to keep us safe, etc. The smearing of Tea Party and Occupy protesters wasn’t the least bit subtle, I cant imagine this will be either. Ownership of the megaphones means you don’t have to be very subtle.

Those are my sentiments exactly. Nothing is going to change in this one party system of government we have. And for those of you that don’t think we live under a one party system, I would like to point you to this piece by Angelo Codevilla. I don’t agree with Codevilla on all of the particulars, but he certainly hits all the high points.

Kansas sperm donor ordered to pay child support

Kansas sperm donor ordered to pay child support prepares for battle | Fox News.

Some dude donates sperm to a lesbian couple. The contract does not allow any parental privilege or responsibility to the guy. The contract even has a hold harmless and indemnity clause.

The lesbians break up.

The child has received some state benefits.

Kansas is suing the guy for child support!

The lesbians have other children!