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Day 3 of the Wuhan Apocalypse

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Missed the post yesterday as I was absorbed in Kung Flu news and reactions at work. But this is going to be about what happened yesterday on Day 3 of our current adventure.

I know this is uncharted waters for everyone, but my God I wish I had a higher level of confidence in the management of my little outfit.

Everyone’s response is bemusing. The people doing the most talking (media) are probably the least qualified to speak. I only know of what the media says because of reactions of friends and family. I have several friends that want to lay all of this at the feet of Trump. I will admit I don’t like the way things are being handled. I will also admit I have no way to evaluate the danger.

I am very confident, however, that the media are wrong. They are always wrong. How they retain an audience amazes me.

But… Like I said below. This is quickly becoming a non-falsifiable sort of event. It will be years before we will know what was done that may have been correct and good. It will be years before we will know what was wrong and bad. And even with the passage of time there will be a political aspect to all the arguments over the history of this event.

I’m sure my response is bemusing to some too.

For a unique and refreshing take on the Fu Man Flu problem, go spend some time over at The Z Man’s site. He’s always entertaining. Smart too.

I am surprised at the reaction Steve Sailer has had to this event. He seems to have lost his normal skepticism. He has retained his powers of observation, noticing that an important vector in the spread of the Wuhan Flu is the international ski set. Reading through the comments of one of Sailer’s post on the pandemic is interesting. Yeah… anonymous comments are a problem, but he seems to attract an intelligent group and there has been a variety of ways his readership is responding.