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The Republicans are in High Dudgeon…

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Over Benghazi. But while tragic I really don’t think much will come of it. It will produce some great stuff though. Here is Mark Steyn:

It was such a great act of misdirection Hillary should have worn spangled tights and sawn Stevens’s casket in half.

While that line is funny, no one in any position of real authority is going to pay a price, especially Hillary, for that debacle.

Holly Solomon Blames Husband for Obama’s Re-Election, Rams Him With Her Car

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Republicans, They Thirst for Death.

The assault with her car does have the weasel word “allegedly” in its original title. Don’t want anybody thinking I’m actually accusing Holly of anything.

The stupid is strong in that woman.

No doubt a victim of public education; she doesn’t understand the Electoral College.  Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes went for Romney.

She’s probably moving to Florida soon.