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Election Fraud Claims

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

As stated below, I’m inclined to believe that there was massive election fraud. Biden barely campaigned. Trump has thousands show at his rallies.

I have long thought the Dems added an element of fraud to all elections.

I think they over played their hand. They thought they could win with little interference and then realized late at night they needed to crank up the machines and put out the votes for Biden, creating all the anomalies that people are seeing.


I am hard pressed to believe that Trump is going to convince the typical Biden voter that he won. I’m really hard pressed to believe that Trump will convince enough of them.

But maybe elections will get fixed going forward.

That might be the dumbest sentence I’ve ever typed.

I certainly was wrong on Biden being replaced. Or maybe Nancy’s 25th Amendment noise in October of 2020 was a trail run for getting Biden moved out in favor of the retired sex worker.