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This is bad news

Weiner is trailing Quinn.

We may not get Mayor Weiner

Weiner Weiner Weiner

weiner Gawd I hope this guy wins the mayoral race in New York. I know all the papers have come out against him, but still can you imagine the fun we can have with this lose as the mayor New York City?

We do not have a government of serious people…

If Anthony Weiner can become mayor of NYC. A couple of links for your enjoyment.

Weiner the Wanker

NYTimes Pulls Their Weiner Story

If this sort of thing puzzles you (how this guy could be a serious contender for mayor) you’ll find the articles will only add to your befuddlement. It is amazing to me how some people have no sense of shame.


The headline says all you need to know:

Weiner wife Abedin being probed over employment status – NYPOST.com.

I didn’t even read the article.