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I’ve got relatives in Wisconsin

Friday, May 9th, 2014

I’ve been to that big fish. Last summer in fact.

That was from one of Gerard’s web sites.

Close to the Canadian Border

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Some travel notes:

I just returned from my nephew’s wedding in Neenah, Wisconsin. I have to say that, generally, things do work better the closer you get to the Canadian border. The trip started here at Love Field. TSA at Love is full of the low intelligence types that so typify the entire security theater scheme that is TSA. You all know the types of people that are encountered in the security line. They are a slovenly bunch with ill fitting uniforms and very bad haircuts and messed up teeth. The woman checking my boarding pass against my driver’s license was definitely maxed out by the intellectual nature of that task. On the other hand, the security line in Milwaukee was staffed by Einsteins in comparison. Really, the difference was very evident. The line moved faster, the staff seemed better organized, and, while it is still Theater, it appeared like it might actually be a bit more effective.

The housekeeping staff at the hotel spoke English. As their first language.

For that matter, the entire staff at the hotel spoke English as their first language. You would never encounter that in a Dallas hotel.

We had a rehearsal dinner at a local country club. We attended the reception at an “event” hall. At both places the entire staff was white. There was not a Mexican to be found anywhere. Not even picking up the dirty dishes.

(I mostly bring this up because I’ve noticed the topic of the minimum wage has rotated back into the play list among the commentariat. I now believe that all those that advocate an increase in the minimum wage must live close to the Canadian border. If they were down here, I don’t believe they would consider the typical service industry worker underpaid. I’m certain it was at Sonic Charmer/Crimson Reach/Crimsonic place that I gained this insight: Go to your typical Walmart. Most of those working there are paid minimum wage or a little more. You would not do that work for minimum wage. You also wouldn’t pay those people, if you were allowed, minimum wage for the work they produce. Especially here in the South.)

But, we do have better food here in Dallas. Do you know that in the breakfast places in Wisconsin they don’t even have any hot sauce on the table? Black pepper is an exotic spice in Wisconsin.

I think I’m well suited for the weather up North. Being as pale as I am. I found the 50’s and 60’s we experienced up there to be perfect.

Wisconsin is one of those states that allows you to buy your kids drinks in a bar. The Ace is 19 and the Deuce is 16. That works for me because I think age restrictions on the consumption of alcohol are stupid and counterproductive (the age restrictions glamorize and mystify drinking alcohol, leading to over consumption by the newly legal drinking age 21 year old). Kids should learn from their parents how to drink responsibly. Anyway, Friday night after the rehearsal dinner the hotel bartender had no problem serving my kids a beer or two. Saturday night we had a different bartender. She said it was corporate policy to not serve minors and that she would get fired for doing so. Ok, that’s fine. I was a little surprised however to see her serving my sister-in-law several drinks past the point of her being able to sit on a barstool without falling off onto the floor. People have their own blinders, I guess.

They love the Packers up there. You wouldn’t believe the places they will put a Packer’s logo.

You can gain five pounds with just one weekend of heavy beer drinking. I have my work cut out for me today!

They sell cheeseheads at the Milwaukee airport.

Everyone will make a comment if you were any Dallas Cowboy paraphernalia. That wasn’t me, it was another one of my nephews. I typically won’t wear any TEAM stuff unless it has something to do with hockey, and then it will be the jersey of the team I play on.