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Day 61 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

Drove back from the beach.

Saw this while the Deuce was driving.

If I’m going to step out and make a prediction about future changes due to this current pandemic bullshit, here is mine: That post by the Lion couldn’t be more wrong.

And yes… I’m still a day behind. I’ll catch up and get on target later today.

I notice that Kling gave up yesterday. He’s been posting a lot. He’s apparently even more frustrated than I am.

Day 58 of the Plandemic

Arnold Kling

That’s it. Go read the links at his post.

I Don’t Like This

Ok, Karen

Why would anyone do this? If he wants to be President someday he needs to let the people be.

Day 57 of the Wu Flu Bullshit Pandemic

I think I’ve been clear over this whole bullshit crisis that the numbers are crap. I think there are lots of people that have died that have been counted as died from coronavirus should have more accurately counted as died with coronavirus. Since I feel that way already, this one made me laugh out loud:

It tickled me because I’ve long thought Shepard Smith’s typical delivery was over the top. Plus there is the whole Florida man thing.

On my way to the redneck riviera tomorrow!

I’m not sure if I’ll take the laptop. Posting to the blog from the phone might be a little tough. Mostly ’cause I’m old.

We celebrated Mother’s Day this evening. I made some filet with a shrimp garlic sauce, asparagus, and salad. It was delicious.

Day 54 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

I went to Home Depot this morning. More and more people are not wearing masks. I may join them on my next trip. I will have my buff around my neck per usual, but will not pull it up over my mouth and nose unless someone makes a stink.

The lady in front of me in the line to check out at HD had her own sanitizing wipes in her purse. She wiped down the checkout station before using it. She wiped down her CC before putting it back in her purse. She then wiped down the checkout stand before leaving. We are going to have problems as the range of concern goes from that lady to me. Lots of room for disagreement on what should be done.

From my reading today:

Arnold Kling. Check out all of the links. The twitter thread by Muge Cevik is interesting. Arnold is a very smart and thoughtful person.

Hugh Hewitt. I don’t read Hugh very often, but the Instapundit linked to this one and I liked it. I probably don’t need to link to anything Insty links to as my 1 1/2 readers probably read Instapundit too.

Day 53 of the Chink Flu Lockdown

I went to HD earlier today. More peeps are showing up without masks. This is good.

I did some work on the pool. It should be full about now. While the water will be cool it is ready to swim in. The repairs went quickly.

Also did some more work on the fermentorium.

Can’t wait to go to the bars!

Day 52 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

This one is going up a day late. I was tired yesterday after working out in the sun.

I managed to fix the leak in the pool:

I am now filling the pool. I have to reconnect the bonding wire and get the Deuce to refill the hole. While the water temperature is still pretty cool, the pool will be ready by the weekend.

The lockdown has been easing. The bars are not open yet. The Stars aren’t playing yet. This still sucks. And the ruin of the economy. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

51st day of the Chink Flu Lockdown

Worked on the pool. Fixed a nice dinner for 8. (Yes we probably violated some Karen rule.)

A good day. Except for this stupid lockdown shit.

Quarantining healthy people should never be allowed.

Day 49 of the Chink Flu Lockdown

Tried to partake of the eased restrictions here in Dallas. Bars are still closed. Good bars anyway. Restaurants could be at 25% capacity. It was a beautiful day. Anything worth going to had a line. I had a couple of beers with the BIL in his office.

Getting tired of this bullshit locking down of the healthy.

Wuhan China Virus Lockdown Day 47

Just go google Dr. Erickson in Bakersfield. I did see parts of the video before it was taken down. It was reasonable, even if you don’t agree with the Dr.

The No Agenda Podcast has some audio clips from the video:

I know the good Dr. Erickson is talking his book, but there is nothing terribly controversial in those audio clips.

Why would youtube remove them? What is wrong with that company?