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An Amusing Video…


Go watch it, it’s only a few seconds long.

I’m no longer logging into Facebook, so I can’t/won’t embed it here.

It reminds me of Bob Tur threatening Ben Shapiro.


This is the stuff of nightmares…

But I’m probably on the wrong side of the lines in WWT:


A little risque for this blog, but so what…

The kids are old enough…

I have no idea where I found that cartoon.

15 Myths Millennials Accept as Fact

The Ace believes some of this crap.

Particularly this one:


Whether you cut your dick off or just start saying “I’m a woman,” that doesn’t mean you’re a woman. That trivializes what it is to be a woman. These mythical creatures can create life. You can’t just throw on a wig and yell “Me too.” That’s sexist.

I’ve done something wrong when my daughter thinks that people can declare their “gender.” As if sex and gender are different…