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Just When You Think All The Good Ideas Are Taken

Comes this: Wearable Smart Vibrator @ Indiegogo. They have raised just shy of 300% of their goal.

Also, there is this company: Pleygo. Netflix for Legos.


I need to fix myself a drink and come up with a really crazy good idea. Then put it up on Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Marginal Revolution: Patent Policy

Patent Policy on the Back of a Napkin.

From the post:


I was reminded of this post as the guy I’m working with is trying to patent an idea. I’m not so sure it’s a patentable idea.  It sure is a marketable idea… but patent?

Update: So us bloggers are usually supposed to make a pithy comment on something we link to. I agree with Tabarrok, I think we give too much weight to patents. This device my friend is working on should be a money maker, but I don’t really see it as innovative technology. Patents should protect truly innovative technology, not just extensions of existing technology.